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I got my blouse on you


My latest asset of blouses is a light blue blouse with stripes and red flowers. By the addition of the red flowers, the blouse doesn’t look average. To get a blouse, I especially pay attention to the colour, fabric and if it doesn’t look the same as the blouses I already have. Although, in shops I have very fast the urge to walk to the same blouse, until I hear my boyfriend say: ‘YOU ALREADY GOT THAT ONE!’

Camouflage pattern


Spring is finally getting closer WOEHOE. I can’t wait to welcome the sun, tulips and flowering trees with open arms. But what can you expect the upcoming season? One thing is for sure; get your camouflage garments out of your wardrobe, because green and army pattern are hot this Spring. I must admit that I’m really obsessed with army pattern, because you can look sporty, classic, casual and so on. It really depends on how you combine it. Well I have chosen for a sporty look with sneakers and a snapback that completes the look.

Colors of the wind


  May I ask you something? What kind of type are you? One who wears rather basic or colorful prints? I can imagine that you can’t chose and use both of them. Well I do think that basic is safe and a lot easier too combine with other (basic) garments. But prints on the other hand ...