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Free like a bird


WOOOOH finally vacation. Yesterday was my first day off; feeling like a free birdy. It was 30 degrees with a strong wind, delightsome! I was with a good friend in Arnhem. I love her, she is like family to me. Sometimes people think we are like mother and daughter lol. She can be like crazy but on ...

Summer work outfit


  This week it's getting hot. The temperatur rises more and more. Last Monday it was 22 degrees. I wore a ligth brown skinny yeans, with nice fringes shoes. This was my work outfit, isn't cute?! I really love the scarf, because it has images of parfumes and bags and not to be missed really cute panther pattern. ...

I only see stripes


Every year stripes back and they are hotter then hot. But isn´t it that they will make you fat, I think?! Yet there are a few of combinations which I take back my words. I have two shirts with horizontal stripes. When I bought this, not knowing how to wear it, I've found out that I did'nt ...