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From Paris with love part 1


Have you ever been to Paris? It’s the city of love, fashion and light. Me and my boyfriend celebrated New Year’s Eve in the beautiful city of Paris this year and it was definetely worth it! The story is split in two parts, because we have seen / done so much during our trip. But let me start at the beginning…

We went by car on Wednesday the 30th of December. We drove for 4 hours and 20 minutes, luckily we both have our driving license. During our trip we stopped two times, because non-stop riding can be very exhausting PFFFFF. But in the end of the afternoon we finally arrived at the hotel Residence Europe YIHAAAA. In the beginning I didn’t like the neighbourhood, cuz it looked like a ghetto. After exploring the neighborhood carefully, it wasn’t that bad at all. But still I would never walk there alone.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer


Do you already know which Christmas sweater you will wear this year? There are so many sweaters, that it’s kinda hard to choose, like from snowman till luminous Christmas trees. But the sillier the better ;) Cuz the funniest can also be adorable at the same time.  I settled with a simple red / white ...

Purple with a colorful touch


It was a beautiful day, 27 degrees and I enjoyed it a lot. It's almost the end of August. My school starts in two weeks. OMG, I realise now that the summer is almost over. It's gone so fast. It felt like it started yesterday. However according to the weather It will get colder and rainy next ...

Playa del Duque and Jungle Park


Wednesday we went to Playa del Duque. It's on the other side of the beach. It's a pretty quitte place, very exclusive with a beach, an expensive mall and nice restaurants on the Boulevard. We ate something at Premium at the mall and I ordered some Greek salad with a mango smoothie (curious? Check my ...