Say yes to fringes


Are you also saying yes to fringes this year or do you skip it all over? At first I hesitated because it doesn’t suit my style. When I think of fringes I think about creating a western look with a shorty or wide leg jeans and cowboy boots underneath, ready to go on the horse and saying HOWDY HOW. But I saw a cute dress of suede with a split on both sides and fringes by the arms and thought well why the hell not?

I could try to make it more my style instead to occur a western look. So I stood for my closet, putted some garments on my bed (do you recognize it too) and started to mix and tadaaaaaaa… this is the result.

I made a combi with a high waist skirt to balance my proportion. I think that I could go to the office with this look though. Maybe it’s too much with the shoes but it will do. It’s a modern twist that says who I really am as a person.

what I wore:
Dress: Fashion Nova
Skirt: H&M
Panty: H&M
Shoes: Invito

Ps. for my followers and readers I can give you 15% discount for the shop Fashion Nova.
So go and check for more cute garments.

Until next time 😉


Essere Moda

IMG_6073_cc blog

IMG_6102_cc blog

IMG_6465_cc blog

IMG_5800_cc blog

Photos by Carmen Chan

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