Same But Different

Our clothes are often an expression of our spirit and character. Everyone has their own style, and that makes every one special in their own kind of way. I have some excited news to share with you. This year I met a beauty blogger, called Daniella Laurentia from Two Articles.  My first expression of her blog is that the tutorials are very unique as compared to the others. She also lives in the same city and we want to do something special just for you! So we decided to combine our passion like working together and as the title said, same but different. We don’t have the same perspective on fashion, so we want to show you two diverse looks in this post.

The first look is my own. It began as follows…My alarm clock goes off and after a couple of time snoozing I get up. I grab some garments in my wardrobe. In my sleepy mood I have chosen for a pyjama blazer, blouse with elephants (how cute is that!), jeans and sneakers. The look that I created is more for the Spring, though. I love pyjama looks. It’s still a trend and has a benefit like a nightwear has become a daywear and it’s so comfortable. Yet you can create with-it other styles. I mean with high heels, a white top with lace and skinny jeans you can look chique elegent, but I have chosen for a casual look that’s more simple and clean. If you chose for a pyjama look or a part of it don’t forget to iron, otherwise you will create a ‘just out of bed’ look LOL.

P2230501 blog

P2230433 blog

P2230493 blog

P2230497 blog

P2230506 blog

P2230507 blog

Blazer ; H&M

Blouse ; Zara

Jeans ; G-Star 

Shoes ; Converse All Star /  Foot Locker

Glasses ; boutique in Den Bosch


The second look is from Daniella. She is really obsessed with mom jeans and chokers, were back in the 90’s baby! She combined the look with a vintage man coat and to make the look more feminine she added some heels to bring it more in balans.








Top ; Basic Top H&M

Pants ; Modstrom Available at Jutt / Den Bosch 

Coat ; Vintage 

Heels ; Topshop 

Glasses ; Ray Ban

Lipstick ; Mac Cosmetics  / Antique Velvet

Well we have as you can see a different style of clothes. It doesn’t matter that we’re not the same, because each person is unique and that makes it more fun. So yes, we’re gonna corporate in the future. Isn’t that excited WHOOP WHOOP. Your gonna see a lot more of us because we are going to do many more fun projects together. So stay tuned and keep a eye on our blogs!


Sandra Espina



  1. 02/29/2016 / 4:56 PM

    I love this outfits! ❤️ Keep up the good work!

    • Essere Moda
      03/18/2016 / 6:43 PM

      Thank you somuch! I appreciate it <3


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