How I wear a button-front A-line skirt


How are you enjoying summer so far? I must say that the time went very fast, but I see that as something positive. You know what they say: ‘’Time flies when you’re having fun’. However, summer is here and before you know it autumn is here. Before we go into the autumn I really enjoy this summer outfit.

Summer outfit
From Musthave District I’ve chosen for a button-front A-line skirt of suede.
I really love trends from the 70’s. The skirt is super nice! It’s not too tight, not too wide, just in between. Thanks to the color and fabric, you can wear this skirt also during autumn. For this skirt I’ve chosen for a very cute shirt with small palm trees on it. This kind of printouts should not be missed in the summer. The skirt comes well forward, because I add no busy colors like white, gold and beige.

What do you think of this look?


Sandra Espina

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