Here comes the bride…♪

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A fairy tale that everyone wants, full love and magic and not to forget a handsome prince/princess on a white horse with a beautiful red rose in his mouth…

But let me tell you the whole story from the beginning. Once upon a time (Saturday October 31st 2015), far far away in the south…Me and my sister in law went to a love and marriage fair in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. It’s the biggest wedding event of Holland. Between us; my sister in law is already married and my boyfriend haven´t ask me yet, so I will wait patiently :). In the meantime I can do some inspiration about the dress, car, cake and so on.

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When we arrived there were two ladies standing at the entrance. One took our jacket and the other our entree tickets. Every bride received a super-thick free Wedding Planning Magazine. You can find lots of tips in there so that your day will be even more special and magical. It can be useful right?

Yes, we were allowed to enter. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped into the hall. It was so big and really nice decorated. There were a lot of stands about:

Wedding cake
Examples of wedding cars
Photobooth (you may use it)
Wedding photographers
Magic mascara to get longer eyelashes
Live painters (how cool is that?)
Wedding rings

And much more…There were also food trucks if you wanted to eat and drink. But I was more excited about the XXL catwalk. They showed about 150 dresses and suits for an hour long. Some were really beautiful and others were just too much.

The love and marriage fair will be held in various locations every year. The first dates of 2016 are already announced. You can find more information at

It was a sparkling day full of magic. But each version of a fairy tale always has a happy ending.

The end.


Essere Moda

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Photos by Latoya Rafaela Photography


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