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While writing this article I’m playing the new song Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. What a lovely summery song! While I’m typing on the couch, my body happily swings to the beat of the song. Like Justin sings in his song: “I can’t stop the feeling. So just dance, dance, dance”. PUMP that beat!

Now that we’re talking about summer… I have made a summer outfit, like you can see in the photos, one that is both simple and elegant. I have to admit that the outfit makes me slim. Luckily the skirt is stretchy and thanks to the horizontal stripe, it nicely slims down my body. The top however, makes me look a bit bigger, because it is white and wide. But luckily the two clothing pieces are the complete opposite of each other, creating balance in my outfit: tight-dark-stripes vs white-white -basic.

On the photos you can see that I am wearing jewelry for a change. I have to admit that they give my outfit a colorful and summery boost. It is the first time that I am applying turquoise to my outfit. It really gives me a feeling of sun, sea and beach when I look at it. YEP, I’m totally in love with this color, haha. On the photo I have the Biba bracelet set from the brand Bibastore. Additionally I am wearing beautiful gold colored Biba earrings with a matching Biba necklace that totally complete my look. Of course they are also available in different colors. So are you looking to give your outfit an boost for a summer look? Quickly go to the jewelry line of Bibastore and be ready for the summer with this set!

What color jewelry do you like to wear in the summer?


Sandra Espina

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photos by Carmen Chan


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